Wheat production is a vital part of our ranching and farming operation. Our hard red winter wheat crop is used for grazing, producing hay and for commodity grain production. The Chain Ranch cultivates approximately 10,000 acres of wheat pasture annually.

Wheat farming in Oklahoma and Kansas has many challenges. Through the use of innovative farming practices, such as "minimal till" and "no till", we are maximizing production while at the same time protecting the environment by reducing erosion and conserving the sandy loam soil moisture. Black rye is another invasive problem in this area and the ranch is constantly working to eliminate this problem. Round-up Ready Canola is being rotated into the field to combat the spread of black rye. This crop rotation plan is yet unproven but reflects the cutting edge farming techniques being incorporated into our operation through a partnership with Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University.


Years of farming alfalfa has allowed us to perfect the process of both producing and storing our hay. The timing of the cutting, raking, and baling are critical in the process. Moisture levels must be verified at all stages to ensure the quality and the safety of the hay. All of our high grade hay is stored under roof immediately following baling.

Our dry land and irrigated alfalfa production averages approximately 2000 tons of hay, most of which is dairy quality with a RFV of 175 to 190 and 20%-21% protein. 4'x8' squares, large rounds, and, occasionally small squares are available.

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